Germany Hires

Germany Hires is a program tailored for sufficiently qualified Moroccans wishing to practice in the Federal Republic of Germany. Organized around the four following packages, Germany Hires is a must for a successful professional integration in Germany:


Package one: File Study
  • Online registration and review
    • Creation of a user profile: Applicant fill out a first short form
    • The user profile is reviewed by GBC
    • The applicant receives a contract, invoice and online link for booking appointments with GBC

  • Appointment for a personal interview in the GBC (binding)
    • Bill is paid
    • The signed contract is returned to GBC
    • GBC confirms the date and is bilaterally binding, terms and conditions apply

  • Personal consultation
    • GBC consultant will look through all existing documents in the presence of the applicant
    • Another detailed form will be filled out
    • Advice on further steps and information on the procedure


Duration: Up to 3 months

Package two: Individual Advisory
  • Development of a detailed “Action Plans” for applicants
    • Identification of relevant degrees / certificates / translations / certifications
    • Advice on acquiring relevant qualifications
    • Contacting public bodies in Germany for recognition of already acquired certificates
    • Constant support throughout the process

  • Intercultural applicant training
    • A two-day workshop at the GBC in Casablanca
    • Application Training
    • Working on important topics such as work, life, and culture in Germany


Duration: 6 to 9 months

Package three: Job search and interview preparation in Germany
  • Transfer of applicant data to our partner in Germany (EMA e.V.)
    • German partner takes further action in Germany
    • Personal contact person works through the application file

  • German partner takes over the job search
    • Preparation of a recommendation letter for suitable applicants to support the application
    • Scheduling three job interviews with potential employers
    • Preparing a checklist for the interviews

  • Interviews are held:
    • in Germany with short term visa
    • in the GBC office with a company representative
    • via Skype conference in the GBC office

  • In case a short-term visa is required or a successful interview:
    • GBC office supports the visa process
    • Review of the existing and pending visa documents

  •   In case of unsuccessful interviews:
    • GBC can arrange further interviews on request, these are billed on a pro/interview basis


Duration: 3 to 6 months

Package four: Integration assistance
  • Support with the employment contract
    • The employment contract is checked and explained

  • Assistance in finding accommodation
    • Issue a recommendation letter if requested by the landlord
    • Providing online resources for finding accommodation

  • Assessment of prospects for family reunification and process outlook
    • Provision of information material by our German partner

  • Support for the application for a permanent residence permit
    • Provision of information material by our German partner

  • Advice in the event of problems in the job, during integration or with authorities
    • Meeting in the office of EMA e.V. or consultation via email/telephone available for 2 months from the start of work


Duration: Up to 2 months