Germany Hires

Germany Hires is a program tailored for sufficiently qualified Moroccans wishing to practice in the Federal Republic of Germany. Organized around the four following packages, Germany Hires is a must for a successful professional integration in Germany:


Package one: File Study
  • Online registration with short form
    • Applicants fill out a short from for the first registration step
    • Short form supplies important information for us to categorize your application­­­­­­­

  • Implementation of candidates into database
    • GBC uses applicant’s short form to create user profile within our database
    • GBC assesses your profile and identify proceeding requirements

  • First feedback and invitation for appointment at the GBC office
    • GBC sends procedure suggestions to applicants
    • Applicants receive an online link for booking an appointment

  • Arranging a first face to face appointment (bilaterally binding)
    • GBC confirms appointment after: Applicant signed Terms & Conditions, settled invoice amount (invoice for Package 1 procedures)
    • Appointment got booked and is bilaterally binding, Terms & Conditions apply

  • On the day of the appointment: First sight of documents, advisory and process recommendations
    • GBC staff reviews application and fills out long form with applicant
    • Applicant will receive recommendations for procedures


Duration: Up to 3 months.

Price: 210 Euros.

Package two: Individual Advisory
  • Advisory for individual case based on process recommendations (Package 1)
    • GBC gives directions for applicant and outlook for future and mandatory steps

  • Identify missing requirements and create an action plan
    • Figuring out necessary documents (degrees/diplomas/certificates) for applicant
    • Creation of structured action plan to be followed by applicant

  • Consultancy for acquisition of missing qualifications
    • E.g. Find degrees/diplomas/certificates necessary to proceed with the application
      • Contact e.g. language schools and administrative departments in Germany and initiate process
      • Supply support of various kinds throughout the process

  • Intercultural training for applicants
    • Two days workshop at the GBC
    • Tackling important issues such as work, life and culture in Germany


Duration: Up to 9 months.

Price: 1.890 Euros.

Package three: Job search and interview preparation in Germany
  • Transfer of clients’ files to our partner in Germany
    • German partner takes over
    • Case manager in germany gets introduced to applicants file

  • Job research through German office
    • German partner supplies letter of recommendation for clients applications
    • German partner arranges three interviews with potential employers

  • Interview preparation sheet will be supplied and actual interview is either:
    • In Germany with short term visa
    • Employer interview in our Moroccan office
    • Online session e.g. via Skype

  • In case of required short-term visa or successful interview:
    • Moroccan office as consultant for visa procedures
    • Review of documents and advisory

  •   In case of unsuccessful interviews:
    • GBC will take action if requested to arrange for further interview on a pro-interview base (979 Euro/interview)


Duration: Up to 3 months.

Price: 3.490 Euros.

Package four: Integration assistance
  • Assistance with finding accommodation
    • German office will write a recommendation letter if requested by landlords
    • Will supply online resources to find accommodations all over Germany

  • Evaluate family reunification chances and requirements
    • German partner will supply information for the procedure

  • Assistance for the renewal of the residency card and the procedures that he/she needs to follow + the responsible authorities
    • German partner will supply information for the procedure

  • Supervision in case of emerging problems at work, with integration or administration
    • Meetings at the office or email/phone service available for 8 weeks after work commenced


Duration: Up to 8 weeks.

Price: 749 Euros.

GBC as a partner: Our partnership with the Ecole Superieure des Sciences de la Santé (ESSS)

The German Program was designed to help Moroccans who are interested in Health Sciences, into acquiring a degree in their desired field, that is compatible with the European Norms, and that guarantees for their specialization or professional integration in Germany.

The German Program is a prime example of educational cooperation between the following parties:
•    The German Business Center;
•    The Institute for Training and Careers e.V.;
•    The Goethe Institute; 
•    The Euro-Mediterranean Arab Association; 
•    University Clinic Charité Berlin;
•    The Ecole Supérieure des Sciences de la Santé.

These partners conceived the German Program as a win-win response for the labour shortage in the German health care sector, and the labour excess in Morocco. Hence, the German Program helps our students and Moroccan graduates in the Health sector to work in the European Union and especially in Germany.

For more information, please visit our partner’s page:
You could also call us on 0522 - 205875 or request further information via email  info(at)gbc(dot)ma